ikone improves the quality of life & care through co-creation


Independent consultancy office

IKONE is an independent consultancy office. We help organizations to create equal cooperation with patients and healthcare professionals at an organizational level.  

How to define ‘patient’. Just like anyone else, patients are people who fulfill multiple roles in life: fatherhood, motherhood, employer-ship, employee-ship, patient-ship.

We also cooperate with their loved ones. So within IKONE patient experience is the human experience. Patient’s health-professionals and related organizations are involved as partners. 


IKONE provides consultancy, patiënt journey (life-journey) trajectories, facilitation of co-creation sessions and participatory action research. We are also the founder of IKOcreate. The very first do it yourself platform for effortless co-creation with patients. Within IKOcreate we provide a toolbox of methods and roadmaps for collaborating with patients in innovation, transformation, research and policy. And we developed and host an online academy, where professionals can learn to start working with patients on an equal footing and make an impact.

Our team is super inclusive: in addition to the professional experience and knowledge, patient expertise is a common . 

Inclusive team

Currently our team consists of more than 40 people who are experienced experts themselves, like our founding director, or have a special motivation to promote equal cooperation. For example because they take care of a relative. In addition, they have a professional background. The consultants in our team have for example a background as pharmacist, scientist, coach, language expert, nurse, HR manager, project manager, etc.

IKONE ensures that in addition to the co-creation with experienced experts, a diversity of patients from society is involved, in order to contribute to representative participation. 


The pure experiences of patients, who are not necessarily experts by experience, are worth their weight in gold. Engaging these people, with their own unique background, is incredibly valuable and instructive. IKONE has the skills to do this in a pleasant and meaningful way.


We work from the values: Equivalence, Safety, Vulnerability, Positivity. Always constructive, appreciative and with an eye for everyone's (professional) role, perspective, knowledge and experience.

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Whats our anniversary video (with English subtitles) : https://youtu.be/2QLQACh8AHQ