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eHealth & quality of life 3

Students of the master Global Health conducted four very insightful interviews on eHealth innovations in relation to quality of life. Today we publish the third short summary of an interview with a member of the patient expertise team.

Interview with Tim 

Yeah!! Now it will get interesting!!

Was the enthusiastic reaction I got, from Tim when I asked him about the eHealth and new technologies that can maybe improve some aspects of his life. Tim is a 28 year old, Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) patient who does not let his disease stop him from enjoying life. OI also known as brittle bone disease is a disorder where bones are prone to fractures and with that comes acute and or chronic pain. 

Tim is quite independent living on his own now for 2 years and uses multiple technologies and applications for his active life. 

Tim was diagnosed at birth with OI and has then adapted his life together with his family and physicians. He has had multiple surgeries over his lifetime, placing rods and splints that require upkeep every couple of years, meaning new surgery’s in the future. For stress and pain management Tim uses mindfulness and breathing exercises together with his physical therapist. I mentioned a few apps that can be used for mindfulness and Tim was very interested in these, a way to do it on his own. A movement app like Physical Therapy Home Exercises in combination with advice from his physical therapist can also be beneficial for Tim improving cardiovascular fitness, maximum bone density as well as optimal physical function to support independence in daily activities. This could lead to less bone breakage and less surgery for Tim in the future. During my follow up e-mail correspondence Tim also informed me, that an application reminding him to drink water is very useful, he noticed that his water intake is not always sufficient. 

Overall, Tim is very interested in technology and it is his own interest for his wellbeing that makes him browse and look up for new apps and technologies. He just got a new electric wheelchair and he is happy that the balance of this wheelchair is better, making him feel secure. 

Tim was really keen on e-consult application, so that he does not have to travel and take all of his accessories including a special lift for him when he goes to the Expertisecentrum of OI in Zwolle. 

Tim is optimistic for the usage of technology and eHealth to improve quality of life.